Music education

The Basics Of Music Publishing

A large portion of income for an independent artist (rapper or musician) comes from publishing, of which there are multiple streams.


Should Education Focus Less On The Creative Arts, More On The Art Of Creativity?

Learning to read musical notes and then learning to play those notes in the desired rhythm is not creativity, it's a talent.


How arts education encourages a growth mindset

The way we approach challenges impacts how much we learn from them; a trait we continue to develop throughout our lives.

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How learning to play the piano can save your life

“It inspires you, it grows your imagination, it nourishes you in places that go beneath words and beneath pictures and images... it’s something that kind of polishes your soul.”


Apprendre à jouer d'un instrument : il n'est jamais trop tard pour commencer

Se lancer dans une pratique musicale à l'âge adulte alors que l'on n'en a jamais fait avant, est-ce possible ? Il n'est jamais trop tard, disent les professeurs de musique et les chercheurs.

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Dear recent music graduate

When you applied to school, you were probably told that you should only go into music if you couldn’t imagine doing anything else. That was good advice.

21 Century Musician

Music, the Fiesole way

Its rigour can be intimidating to amateur musicians, like myself, who enjoy a passion for beautiful music without wanting to make it their life. This tends to be a characteristic of Italian musical education: it is a serious discipline not to be "democratized" through integration into the normal school curriculum, as might be done elsewhere.

The Florentine

Data-tracking in the music room

"Data" seems to such a buzz word lately in the education world. How well are students achieving? How much they have grown from year to year? And how does this apply to the music room?

Mrs Miracle's Music Room

Technology in the Large Ensemble Classroom:

As the summer winds down, and thoughts toward a fresh new school year begin to the formulate, this can be an excellent time to rejuvenate your “teaching mind” and explore new teaching strategies and methods to “keep things fresh”.


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