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Ecouter de la musique rend les enfants plus intelligents

Ecouter de la musique est non seulement bon pour le moral, mais rendrait aussi les enfants plus intelligents selon cette étude autrichienne.

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How to Advocate for Music Education

Whether you realize it or not, if your child is starting music study through their school’s music program this year, you are now a potentially powerful advocate for music education.


Four ways to raise the profile of music in your school

What profile does music have in your school? Is it a core part of your school community or is music ‘just another subject’?

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Beals: A music education in your headphones

I have a few music-based podcasts I find enlightening and entertaining. Some of them continue to pump out episodes on a regular basis, and others had a limited run. Listen and learn.

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When should children begin music lessons?

“My resolution this year is to become a famous musician; uncle, do you think I am still too young to learn to play the piano?” he asked me.

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Music class encourages students with disabilities to use their voices

Learning the verses will take weeks. Some students may not be able to sing them for the final show. Instead, they might use sign language to perform or play an instrument.

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Considering the benefits of Digital Music Grammar in a music educational program

The following scientific article “Digital Music Grammar” raises the question of the necessity of application of the digital technologies in the system of music education.

Education in Japan

'It's not enough to play the piano – it takes a lifetime to understand music'

Clustered at the very top of the piano-playing profession are a handful of players everyone agrees are supreme. Mitsuko Uchida is one of them.

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A Jazz Pianist Considers Fidel Castro's Music Education Legacy

Sublette explains that the Cuban Revolution in 1959 led to more investment in music education.


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