Music education

Why Music Education Is Changing

For centuries the primary goal of classical music education was to produce orchestra performers capable of reading a piece of sheet music and correctly playing the composer’s ideas. This is no small task.

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How to Increase Productivity as a Musician

As artists, we tend to wait for inspiration to happen.

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Ten Reasons To Let Your Kid Major In Music

Our daughter wants to attend a music conservatory. That plan scares my husband and I greatly.


Ableton Creates Learning Music Website for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at producing but didn’t want to spend the money? Or thought of taking a music class so you can keep up while talking with your DJ friends?

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The One* Thing Every New Music Teacher Should Know

According to Wikipedia, Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as “time flies.” The expression comes from Virgil‘s Georgics. The phrase is expressed as a proverb that means “time’s a-wasting.”


Music teachers believe a lot of myths

New research from Germany suggests many are unclear regarding which claims about music and the brain have actually been confirmed.

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The insidious class divide in music teaching

A passionate debate is raging regarding musical education which threatens to unbalance the already critically privileged world of classical music.

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Grèce : l'intégration par la musique

Dans un camp de réfugiés en Grèce, des professeurs donnent des cours de musique aux enfants. "À travers la musique, on peut faire des mathématiques, on peut pratiquer des langues, on peut faire de l'histoire et de la géographie. C'est une manière d'apprendre différemment".

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The greatest music teacher who ever lived

Nadia Boulanger taught many of the 20th Century’s greatest musicians. She may have been the greatest music teacher ever.


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