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Pakistan: the lack of money put into the business of music is our biggest strength

For a nation that is alarmingly agreeable when it comes to denying itself the wealth of the cultural heritage at its disposal — a birthright many other young nations cannot boast of — we just can’t seem to keep music down.


Simon Rattle: The Maestro With the Busy Baton

Mr. Rattle is 61, and his shock of curls is now progressing from gray to a bright maestro white. But he still exudes youthful dynamism, on and off the podium.

The New York Times

Le paradoxe des musiques maliennes

Présentes dans tous les festivals de jazz et de world music, les musiques maliennes voient leurs sources tarir. Entre renouveau et traditions en péril, analyse d’un phénomène qui s'accélère.

Music in Africa

Arvo Pärt music in three new discs: Does he belong among the greats?

Having passed the 80-year mark, Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is entering the tiny pantheon of Designated Great Living Composers - and there's no more unlikely candidate in the 21st century.


The voice of God: life inside the pope's choir

You will have heard of the phrase “a capella” singing. This literally refers to the Sistine Chapel (the “capella”), and to the unaccompanied style in which the choir has been singing ever since it was installed in the world famous “Cappella Sistina” in the 15th century.

The Guardian

Twenty-Five Great Jazz Baritone Saxophone Peformances

The cumbersome and often unwieldy baritone saxophone has long been relegated to the position of a shadowy stepchild to its more grandiloquent brothers, the tenor and alto saxophones, in jazz music.

Huffington Post

Cuba Is the Missing Link in Jazz History

Since the U.S. embargo of Cuba began in 1962, the ability of Cuban and American musicians to travel back and forth has shifted with the political winds.

The Daily Beast

Pourquoi dit-on de la musique qu’elle est “classique” ?

Musique savante, musique sérieuse, Grande musique... dans notre langage courant on entend plus souvent l’expression “musique classique”. Pourquoi ? Trois indices : littérature, Beethoven et marketing.

France Musique

When Jazz Was Cool

He stands, primarily illuminated by the light from the screen reflecting off his trumpet. Cigarette smoke curls.

New Music Box

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