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World music in the era of travel bans

Such an anti-orthodox perspective renders the idea of “world music” as a signifier of undistilled folk traditions obsolete and celebrates the promiscuity of sounds migrating between cultures.

New Music Box

YouTube Plans Policy Changes After LGBTQ Video Controversy

YouTube Plans Policy Changes After LGBTQ Video Controversy.

Rolling Stone

The politics of being Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry insisted he didn’t write political songs. He couldn’t afford to. “I made records for people who would buy them,” Berry said. “No color, no ethnic, no political—I don’t want that, never did.”


Mexico: Narcocorrido musician killed for singing to the wrong cartel

Sánchez, the 22-year-old guitarist and back-up vocalist of the band, was killed the night of 3 March outside his friend’s house in the city’s Buenos Aires neighborhood; he was accompanied by another member of the band who survived the attack by hiding.


Country Music, Politics & the Lingering Fear of 'Getting Dixie Chicked'

The cliche goes that country is all about the song, but one of the seismic events in the genre's recent history actually had nothing to do with music.


Long-awaited concert music to Saudi ears

Legendary Arab singer Rashed Al-Majed gave his fans three encores in the Saudi capital Thursday night. Why not? They had waited about three decades for such a show.

Arab News

Congo : des artistes réclament leurs droits d’auteur

Dans un entretien avec le premier ministre de la RD.Congo, les musiciens Nyoka Longo et Verkys Kiamuangana ont sollicité le soutien du gouvernement pour le paiement des redevances qui leur sont dues pour l’exploitation de leurs œuvres.

Music in Africa

Hugo Chávez, Alí Primera, and the politics of popular music in Venezuela

Within five years, having formed a new political organisation and mounted a campaign rooted in these very songs, Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela with 56% of the vote.

The Conversation

The Times They Are A-Changin': Is Folk Music Still Relevant for the Resistance?

It’s hard to imagine the turbulent '60s without such folk songs as “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “Eve of Destruction” or “The Times They Are A-Changin’” serving as musical markers of protest.


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