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Plymouth professor's 'digi hat' could rock music streaming

A hat that measures brain signals could be the future of music on the go.


Opera as T.V. Serial

The opera consists of a dozen chapters each between six and 20 minutes long, took three years to develop, and involved a crew of 400 musicians, singers, stagehands, and postproduction technicians.

San Francisco Classical Voice

Why The Music Industry Needs Computer Coders

Our culture and education system may have traditionally considered computer coding and artistic creation as separate endeavors. But given the essential role of technology in the expanded music industry as it is now, it seems like the ability to code is a competency that music creators and sellers could certainly work harder at and understand more.


The Secrets of Successful Podcast Music

There’s something fundamentally different about the music that’s written for radio, even by great pop writers whose work seems effortlessly catchy—primarily, it’s not supposed to be very catchy.


Shimon, le premier robot capable d'écrire et jouer de la musique

Le premier robot capable d'écrire et jouer de la musique s'appelle Shimon. Avec ses 4 bras, il joue du marimba. Et avec ses réseaux neuronaux artificiels, il est capable d'écrire ses propres chansons .

Sciences et Avenir

On The Stradivarius Myth

In 2011, the Stradivarius violin known as the “Lady Blunt” sold for $15.9 million—four times the amount for any previous Stradivarius.

Pieces of History

Google’s AI invents sounds humans have never heard before

The idea is that NSynth, which Google first discussed in a blog post last month, will provide musicians with an entirely new range of tools for making music.


Creative engineering and what broadcasters can learn from the music industry

Advances in technology mean that broadcast engineers have an increasingly important role to play in aiding the creative process.


5 start-up qui réinventent l’écoute de la musique

Qui sont les nouveaux acteurs de ce secteur qui renoue progressivement avec la croissance?

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