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This social media network is specially built for music 'fans'

assionate about a band but too shy to share it on Facebook? A new site is hoping to carve out a niche in the crowded social media world by reaching the inner geek of hardcore music fans.

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Music’s Salvation Might Be Selling Not Songs, But VR

Outside of games, music is almost certainly the most popular content type in VR right now, which makes sense both technically—right now, VR’s best for quick viewing periods, about the length of your average song—and creatively.


Un tatouage invisible contre le piratage audio

Le piratage audio constitue un fléau ordinaire à l’heure où les internautes téléchargent et s’échangent quotidiennement des fichiers musicaux. Il existe à présent un tatouage audio indécelable pour les oreilles et les appareils des fraudeurs, mis au point par une équipe de l’Université de Sherbrooke.


Aye Yo, Pass Me the Aux!

The next generation of music fans will never know the epic power of a humble cord.


Music player for the ability-impaired

Most of the hacks we come across here at Hackaday don’t require much more than being “cool” to get our attention.


Where is radio at today and where is it headed?

“When I started, there was a single, linear channel which was radio. And you were absolutely obsessed by making that one channel as good as possible."

Radio Prague

Trance music hides secret messages in new encryption technique

Next time you find yourself dancing to trance music in a club, listen carefully to the tempo — it may be sending you a message.

Digital Trends

Musique et nouvelles technologies - quelques réflexions

Etre ému, se mouvoir c'est se souvenir du plaisir d'un son. C'est très résumé à peu près ce que le philosophe Philippe Lacoue-Labarthes pensait de la musique. Il y a des faits de mémoire.

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Technology isn’t just changing the way we listen to music

Music genres ain’t what they used to be. There has never been a better time to write and record songs and sounds, thanks to the boom in social media and the flick-of-a-switch access to a world of influences, ideas and inspiration.

NZ Listener

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