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Today’s musicians really want to be friends with you

Rejoice, music consumers: A golden age is upon us. The rise of streaming services allows people to play an unprecedented amount of music, immediately, for flat monthly fees that cost less than a single CD did 15 years ago.


En 10 ans, la musique est devenue l’un des sujets les plus populaires sur Twitter

La musique est un langage universel et rassemble sur les réseaux sociaux. Selon une récente étude, 70% des utilisateurs français de Twitter suivent au moins un compte d’artistes/groupes/labels de musique (dont 16% suivant plus de 10 comptes).

My Band News

Google to bring song lyrics from more than 4,000 music publishers to search results

Song lyrics will soon be a more prominent feature within Google applications, now that LyricFind announced it has inked a deal with the internet giant.

Venture Beat

Competition unleashes futuristic piano designs

In 2015, digital piano specialists Roland launched a competition to create a brand-new digital keyboard concept on the theme “Unleash”.



This is the place where you will find 1.000 years of music as interpreted by the best European ensembles : audio and video recordings, images, texts, and a database for your searches about music.

Human Music

Score an Entire Film on This Tiny Little Music Box

In the era of software and boutique hardware effects, the musician or composer has an expansive palette for sound design.

The Creators Project

Watson, le super-ordinateur d’IBM, se lance dans la musique

La machine a produit plusieurs morceaux à partir d’un thème imposé. Une performance loin d’être anecdotique puisqu’elle démontre pour la première fois qu’un ordinateur peut être créatif.


Music video production in Eritrea

Music videos stand as one of the most prominent forms of entertainment in Eritrean contemporary arts. Their prominence has sharply increased during the last decade with the rise in digital sharing and streaming of media, which has led to the decentralization of entertainment and less reliance on state television.

Music in Africa

Music Technology Of The Future At Moogfest

“Moogfest has a great history already of being a center between cutting-edge musicians, theorists, musicologists and cultural influencers.”


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