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Danish Hip Hop? Dirty Texas Rap? Website Has ‘Every Noise At Once’

Imagine a place where every genre of music exists. You’re probably thinking of streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora. Now imagine all of them on a map.

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Why Do People Have Different Tastes In Music?

Certain combinations of sounds may be more common in particular geographic regions. Lifelong familiarity with these patterns would be a reason to prefer them.


Le jazz est-il bien représenté au cinéma ?

Avec la sortie de "La La Land" de Damien Chazelle, le jazz s'invite une nouvelle fois au cinéma, et comme bien souvent, les critiques et les fans de jazz crient au sacrilège.

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The Neuroscience Of Music, Behavior, And Staying Sane In The Age Of Twitter

I think one of the most interesting things is the number of people who really don't have music playing in their homes. It’s quite striking across the nine countries we surveyed.

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Listening to music can improve unconscious attitudes towards other cultures

Listening to five minutes of West African or Indian pop music can give the listener more positive attitudes towards those cultures, research from the Universities of Oxford and Exeter has found.

University of Oxford

The Secret Of Removing The Song Stuck In Your Head

You’re minding your own business, doing what you normally do as you get ready for work. While you’re in the car, you hear a song that catches your ear, and the next thing you know a line or two from it is stuck in your head.


12 more songwriters worthy of the Nobel prize

It’s usually a novelist, dramatist or poet. But who else might take the prize in future, now the songwriter Bob Dylan has won it?


The Surprising Reason We Need Sad Music

While the content of each song or album can greatly differ, there’s power in sadness.


Les Grammys snobent-ils l'Afrique?

Comme cela a été le cas au cours de ses dernières éditions, les Grammys font une fois de plus l’objet de controverse. Le débat de cette année porte sur le manque d’artistes noirs récompensés dans les catégories telles que le meilleur album ou la meilleure chanson de l'année.

Music in Africa

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