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Music torture: How heavy metal broke Manuel Noriega

Everyone has at least one song that sets their teeth on edge. Most of the time, they're easy to avoid.


Musique : des plantes qui chantent ?

Ca semble incroyable mais c’est pourtant vrai : un chef d’orchestre pépiniériste fait un orchestre grâce à ses plantes.


How the Beatles Wrote ‘A Day in the Life’

Fifty years after its release, the sprawling closing track on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band remains a testament to the group’s ambitious songwriting.

The Atlantic

Humanizing, harmonizing effects of music aren't a myth

Listening to music from other cultures furthers one's pro-diversity beliefs, new research concludes. The findings have important implications for music education, K-12 education and efforts to improve cross-cultural intergroup dialogue and communication.

Science Daily

Mood music: Be proud of your coffee table tunes

The phrase “coffee table music” is even in the Collins English Dictionary, defined as “unadventurous”.

Mix Mag

Now THAT was music

One grim day (when youth is over) you find that new music gets on your nerves.


Musique, plus c’est court, meilleur c’est ?

Le support ne dicte plus la durée idéale pour la musique enregistrée, c’est maintenant l’attention du public qui fixe les règles et qui impose sa norme.

Siècle Digital

Of Dress Codes and Social Codes at the Opera

Many major countries have their fashion signifiers and you can recognize them if you know what to look for. I am not talking about trying to be chic, but comfortable and at ease.


10 artists you didn’t know designed record sleeves

Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Gerhard Richter and Banksy may be visual artists but they’re also household names when it comes to music. But there are several major artists whose work on the famous 12″ x 12″ canvas is less known.

The Vinyl Factory

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