The Pointy End

This Medieval Knight’s Manor Houses Over 350 Mechanical Musical Instruments

The collection is housed in the Brömserhof, a 15th-century knight’s manor, the most impressive of the town’s aristocratic residences complete with a Gothic chapel and fresco-adorned halls.


You’ve Heard This One Before: When Classical Composers Use Samples

In music, the tradition of “sampling,” or using fragments of others’ recorded work, is time-honored.


The Improbable Birth of American Rock Writing

The great publishing enterprise known as American rock journalism was invented in January 1966.

Pop Matters

Heard it through the grapevine: can music really change the taste of wine?

The woman behind the world’s first ‘oenesthetic’ wine and sound bar believes there’s more to ‘sonic seasoning’ than hype.

The Guardian

Are living room gigs the future of live music?

As more and more small venues are closing down, is the future of live music the living room gig?


La musique, c'est le risque de la perte de soi...

La voix du barde est une arme secrète, un outil redoutable qui fait tourner le lait et fait fuir les ennemis.

France Culture

Are the Grammys overlooking African talent?

As has been the case over its past few editions, the Grammys have again left controversy in their wake.

Music in Africa

10 mysteries in album covers

The art of hiding secret messages, jokes and references in an album cover might seem to be dying out, given that streaming services don't really render the artwork at the kind of resolution that facilitates close study.


Danish Hip Hop? Dirty Texas Rap? Website Has ‘Every Noise At Once’

Imagine a place where every genre of music exists. You’re probably thinking of streaming services, such as Spotify and Pandora. Now imagine all of them on a map.

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